This site was created by Josh Moody, a college student and amateur game developer who despises U.S. copyright law.

Copyright law is overpowered and it sucks. I could write a book about how awful it is but somebody already did that. So, instead of listening to me rant about it, check out the e-book "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig.

(fittingly, the book is licensed under Creative Commons)

In my experience making games on a zero-dollar budget, public domain assets are the gold standard. They cost nothing and don't come with any pesky attribution licenses.

However, finding them is a frustrating process. You have to go to the third page of search results, visit a site that looks like it was designed in the early 90's, hunt around for the tiny download link, wait 30 seconds for the ad to stop playing, and then sigh it's a .rar file. So you download a third-party file extractor, sic it on that sketchy .rar file, spend 30 minutes sifting through all the extra junk files that got packed into the download, and maybe, just maybe you find that 3D model you were looking for. If you're lucky.

In an ideal world, there would be a easy-to-use platform where game devs could go to find public domain game assets, or dedicate their own assets to the public domain. That's why I created this site.

I'm not trying to make a profit. I'm just doing what I can to enrich the public domain and help out my fellow game devs. Love y'all <3

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